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21/8 x Mr. V8 794/7 Embryos

21/8 x Mr. V8 794/7 Embryos

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There is no cow in the Brahman breed more famous than Boom Shake Laka 21/8 and this is an excellent investment opportunity in the the only two time international champion female in Brahman history. For polled enthusiasts, we combine our matriarch cow with one of the more popular polled bulls on the market. Not only do these two compliment each other very well, but we have also already calved out a few full sibs and couldn't be more impressed. Possibly the most elite polled mating ever offered to the public. Frozen embryos, IVF.

Embryos are stored at TransOva.

Embryos are available as single embryos and buyer may choose the quantity they desire. If the buyer purchases 3 embryos, we guarantee a guarantee one 90-day pregnancy if implanted by a certified technician, preferably TransOva. No guarantees are offered if the buyer purchases 1 or 2 embryos.

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