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Brahman Mastermind Workshop: April 21, 2023

Brahman Mastermind Workshop: April 21, 2023

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Friday, April 21, 2023 in Wharton, Texas at The Ranch Downtown.

Brahman Cattle Mastermind Boot Camp
9 a.m. to noon

This workshop is designed for only those who are 100% committed to being a Brahman cattle breeder of excellence. It's for those who wants to actually make a profit, and flourish in the Brahman cattle business and is willing to make changes and adapt to the future.

Today's Brahman cattle business is different than every before. In this mastermind group, you'll gather with other passionate Brahman cattle breeders in a peer-to-peer conversation group to help participants recognize the opportunities available in the Brahman breed, as well as the challenges of breeding Brahman cattle and how to overcome them. The session will be facilitated by the BRC team including Brandon Cutrer, Keaton Dodd, and Rachel Cutrer.  It's truly a gathering of the minds where you'll make strong connections with other top Brahman breeders who are focused on the future. 

This is a hands on, detailed workshop that will discuss modern tools in raising Brahman cattle.  You'll leave the workshop with new ideas for improving the functionality of your cow herd, the marketing options for your ranch, and able to develop a long term sustainable Brahman herd for the future. The workshop will be held at The Ranch Downtown, BRC's venue in Wharton, Texas. Workshop will be a very high level discussion with participants expected to join in on discussions / share ideas / challenges / solutions. 

What you'll learn:
  • Current state of the Brahman breed in the beef industry
  • How you as an individual ranch can position yourself for success in the future when many may not be able to make it. 
  • Packer expectations of Brahman / Brahman cross cattle and how you can meet those expectations. 
  • Financial measurements for your herd. 
  • Production and functionality measurements for your herd. 
  • Marketing ideas to boost your cattle sales averages and reach.
  • Case study of various Brahman cattle operations past and present, and how they've either found success, or failed due to management and marketing decisions.
  • Evaluation of your current marketing methods (online sale, production sale, private treaty, etc.) and suggestions for growth. 
  • Evaluation of your current breeding program and changes that need to be made for the future. 
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