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FitBeef Ground Beef, 1 lb. package

FitBeef Ground Beef, 1 lb. package

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The gourmet popularity of Brahman Country Beef - now available in our new FitBeef™ brand, in a 93/7 lean packaging option. 

FitBeef™ is a new product line under the Brahman Country Beef brand, which is 100% Brahman beef, known for it's health benefits according to University of Florida research. Brahman beef is better in the "healthy fats" compared to any other beef breed. 

 *** If you are shipping your beef, please note that we can only ship 10 pounds of ground beef per box due to shipping restrictions. If you’d like to order more than 10 pounds, you can make a 2nd or 3rd order. There is no limit for local pickups. 

1 pound package. 

Locally grown and raised by B.R. Cutrer, Inc. Brandon and Rachel Cutrer.

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