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Wortham Lectures by Jan C. Bonsma Book

Wortham Lectures by Jan C. Bonsma Book

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UPDATE: We are very low on hard copies and have moved this book to Amazon. Through their program and the generous permission of The Wortham Foundation we are able to sell this book on Amazon at their cost - $3.99. 


You can order on Amazon here:

This book, while published in the early 1960s, is a reprint of the very rare book "The Wortham Lectures in Animal Science" by Jan C. Bonsma. We do not make a profit on the book, we simply charge for the printing cost to print the book and shipping. If you are ever in the Wharton, Texas area you are welcome to stop in our office and pick one up. 

While old, the fundamentals of Dr. Bonsma's work still hold so true today. This book discusses principles of livestock ecology, and how visual appraisal ties into functional efficiency of beef cattle. He places a high importance on fertility, environment, and other very important traits for successful beef cattle production. 

This book is 107 pages and contains fully digitally re-created graphic illustrations. A great resource and a "must read" for all serious cattlemen and women. 

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