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BRC Ranch is leading the Brahman breed with over 16 National or International Champions in the last decade. But moreover, we're leading the breed with a championship spirit of community and inclusion for everyone. Join the winning team and let's make your Brahman dreams come true.

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We also proudly partner with these distributors, who can handle your order and shipping from one source.

Semen Ordering Made Easy with BRC

Learn about our semen ordering process.


Once your order is placed, the BRC team will authorize the release of your semen at the respective bull studs where the semen is stored. These include Brushy Creek, Elgin, or Continental. Our goal is to release all orders within 3-5 business days.


You contact the semen storage centers when you're ready to have your semen shipped. Please allow 2-3 weeks depending on the semen shipping tank availability.


If you'd rather pickup your semen in person from the bull stud, you can do that too! Please give the bull studs 1-2 days notice so they can have the semen ready.