Mollie Cutrer

709/7 Embryos - International Only


ABBA #: 907979
Born: March 2012
Sire: +Mr. V8 380/6
Dam: +JDH Lady Jennessa Manso
2013 Reserve International Champion Female

Now deceased, 709 is a prominent reference donor in our program. She represented the beginning of our "modern Brahman" era, being very moderate framed, thick, functional, yet feminine. She stems from the Jennessa cow family, probably the most consistent producing cow family of quality for BRC. This cow family includes our Captain, and great females like the cow power of 341, 645, 694, and many more. These cows have excellent fertility, great udders, great milk, and consistently produce real world cattle that perform. While deceased, we do have a select group of embryos available out of 709.