Brandon & Rachel Cutrer

BRC Swing Wide 189 Semen


Stored at Brushy Creek Custom Sires.  

ABBA #: 907983
Born: March 2021
SireM2 BRC Captain 518/1
DamBRC 694/7
Cow Family: Jennessa
Name Backstory: Named by Nancy Martin because the bull is so long-bodied. She said it reminded her of when you’re driving a big truck and trailer and you’ve got to “swing wide”
Owned by: BRC, Wichita Ranch, Ganaderia Flor Del Valle. Australian rights owned by the Noakes family.

Breed Character: ★★★★   Calving Ease: ★★★★
Marbling: ★★★★      Disposition: ★★★★★     
Maternal: ★★★★         Show Appeal: ★★★★

Swing Wide! Moderate in his frame, powerful in his make up, long as a freight tain, and built perfect from the ground up. This young bull has already seen early success in the show ring and garnered attention globally. When an interest was offered in this bull right before the Houston 2022 show, he was listed under contract within less than 1 hour of being posted on our sale page. We were absolutely delighted to bring in the partners of Ganaderia Flor Del Valle of Honduras on this great young gun. They have been top breeders of Brahman cattle for decades upon decades. From some of their early business engagements on great ones like Miss V8 600/4 "Whitney" and the old "Tommy Bahama" bull, the Canahuati's know the great ones.

With a birthweight in the 70's and as balanced of growth and carcass figures as a breeder could ever want, help make Swing Wide a must use bull for cattleman looking to improve performance and quality in the same package. The fact that he is backed by elite cows like the 2013 Reserve National Champion Female 694/7 and the all-time great Jennessa only adds to our confidence in this young gun.