Brandon & Rachel Cutrer

BRC Whoa Macklin' 112 International Semen


Stored at Brushy Creek.

Sire: Mr. V8 146/8

Dam: BRC's Sweetie 486/8

Semen not available in Canada.

A true standout since birth, BRC Whoa Macklin' 112 looks like a go-to herd sire to improve muscle, bone, and breed character all in a very stylish package. We expect quality show cattle and true performance cattle both coming from 112 because he clearly has the looks, but he's also backing top 1% growth and index values with an adjusted weaning weight over 600 and an 1165 pound actual yearling weight.

Pedigree wise, he is sired by a 3-time international champion and out of National and International Champion BRC Sweetie 486/8. Also, he stacks modern greats like Noble, Elmo, and 380 on top of some of the most influential cows in breed history including going back to the Locke Division vanguard cow $JDH Lady Ellis Manso on both his sire and dam side.