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M2 BRC Captain 518/1 "Captain" International

M2 BRC Captain 518/1 "Captain" International

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Effective January 1, 2022 AI certificates will be $100 per certificate.  

Sire: +Mr. V8 191/7
Dam: +Miss V8 645/6 (Jenessa Cow Family)
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The exciting AI sire who came from "behind the scenes" to emerge as one of the highest quality Brahman sires of his generation. Great pedigree, amazing conformation, and a great disposition.

A proven producer of champions, and noted to work extremely well in IVF / reverse sorting, although we offer no guarantee on this. 

And, what's even better is he's backed by one of the greatest donors of the BRC program: +Miss V8 645/6. She is also the mother of Mr. V8 277/7, a leading herd sire of Colombia, and the Bulls Eye "Prada" cow. 645 is known for her excellent maternal ability, longevity, and backed by the famous JDH Jennessa cow family.

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