Brandon & Rachel Cutrer

BRC Whoa Macklin' 112 Semen


Stored at Brushy Creek.

Sire: Mr. V8 146/8

Dam: BRC's Sweetie 486/8

Semen not available in Canada.

Whoa Macklin' has caught the eyes of breeders for over a year, but last year due to Brandon judging Houston we decided to go ahead and start natural breeding him and collect him rather than holding him in a show barn for 12+months just waiting for the next show. We wanted him to get to work - and he did! Calves are coming at Santa Cruz Ranch and we are excited to share that we have 120 units available that will be featured as one of our Houston 2023 Stall Specials! Keep your eye out on this super cool, very gentle bull. This is the first Sweetie son we have ever offered semen on, and he is a half brother to BRC Lady Glitter Sparkle.